Frequently Asked Questions

We serve owners and operators of convenience stores, gasoline stations, and other selected outlets where ATM placement benefits our customers and your customers. We’re not under pressure to install a specific number of ATMs. We are under pressure to make our customers’ ATM experience the best it can be.
Pro ATM machines routinely:

  • Increase store traffic
  • Impact your revenue positively
  • Boost your customer satisfaction ratings
  • Provide revenue that requires no financial investment from you
  • Provide word-of-mouth advertising for your location
  • Make your location a destination for one-stop shopping
  • Save your customers time, energy, and money
  • Free up your time to spend on other business-building opportunities
  • Free you from any operational responsibility for the machines—ever.
  • Keep your customers coming back simply because Pro ATM machines can be relied on to work and to have cash available.
  • Eliminate your need, cost, and risk of keeping extra cash on hand.

Impact on your revenue from an ATM includes savings in credit card fees, increased revenue from the transactions themselves, and more in-store spending. Although figures are not available, customer referrals—your customers telling their friends and co-workers—no doubt add to the total impact on revenue. The following annual estimates are based on Pro ATM and industry statistics.

$2,000 Saved Credit Card Fees
$2,700 Increased Revenue from Transactions
$4,500 More In-Store Spending by ATM Users
$9,200 Annual Revenue Increase
from Pro ATM Installation

You also receive value because with Pro ATM your time and your staff’s time will no longer be wasted on unnecessary ATM hassles. That means more time to spend on your true business issues. Best of all, once the machine is installed you do nothing, except cash the checks we send you each month.

ATMs are our only business. For most other suppliers, ATMs are an add-on product or sideline, so you won’t receive the same amount or quality of service that you will from us. Our only purpose is to give you and your customers the best ATM experience possible. That means machines that have cash when your customers need cash and that stay up and running. If a problem occurs, we’re on the spot with whatever is needed. Your business benefits from increased store traffic, increased sales, revenue from every ATM transaction, and reduced credit card fees and fewer checks. Plus, ATM complaints from your customers disappear.
The good news is that Pro ATM machines cost you nothing, and once the machine is installed you have no responsibilities for its operation. You simply need to cash the checks we send you. The bad news is &hellips; well, there is no bad news.
Our customers have absolutely no out-of-pocket costs or required investment. We simply retain a small percentage of the transaction fee consumers pay to use the machine.
No. We supply, install, and service machines that we own. Our ATMs alert us to any problems almost instantly. Our machines last for years, and we’re responsible for replacing them if they become unreliable.
None. Not one dollar. We’ve eliminated that concern. Keeping our machines well supplied with cash is our responsibility, not yours. You don’t have unproductive cash at your location or need to remember to get the right amount from the bank. The risk of theft due to unsecured cash for an ATM is greatly reduced.
Unfortunately, we can’t. Too many factors out of our control are involved. But even in a down economy your customers will need cash. In fact, more might want to pay cash, and an ATM at your location is a real service.