About Us

ATMs are our business. Our only business.

Pro ATM was created because we recognized that many convenience store and gasoline station owners and operators were not getting the maximum revenue impact from ATM machines. In fact, many had never even tried ATMs because they believed they were “too much trouble.”

We believed we could close the revenue gap between the promise of ATMs and the reality—and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Whether your locations are in a big city or outside a small town, Pro ATM can help you take advantage of the proven revenue impact of ATMs. We eliminate the hassle, not only for your customers but also for you.

Traditional ATM operations can typically be disappointing for two simple reasons: the machines don’t work or they run out of cash and aren’t quickly resupplied.

The reasons for those problems are usually that ATMs constitute only one of many services provided by, say, banks or other large financial institutions, or ATMs are just a sideline for a small operator.

How has Pro ATM solved the problems of traditional ATM providers?

Again, a simple answer: ATMs are our business—our only business. They’re not just one of many “services” we provide or a sideline. We are professionals who keep our machines up and running and well supplied with cash. When your customers use Pro ATM machines, those machines work and they provide cash. Simple.

How can Pro ATM cash machines help your business?

  1. Increase your store traffic
  2. Increase customer spending—as much as 25 percent more.
  3. Increase your revenue with every transaction
  4. Decrease your credit—card service fees—as much as 20 percent less.

Plus Pro ATM machines cost you nothing—ever. We provide the machines, and we keep them working and well supplied with cash. Once one of our machines is installed, you have no responsibilities for its operation. You just cash the checks we send you every month.

You provide convenience and value for your customers.
We provide convenience and value for you.

Please call for a free review of the business—building potential a Pro ATM machine can bring to your location.